ONCE UPON A KANDY….new release Sept14

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    Hot girl fighting action as the bad ass kandy girls move in on a drug smuggling racket. They're in their catsuits so they mean business! The girls have decided to destroy the competition and take over the drug world, they just have to destroy the toughest gang in town. Tough punching, furious kicking and lethal karate should do the trick.


  • Another cracking little video K-Man - again, top notch work!

  • the Mad Ukrainian is AMAZING
    we need more of her
    and this is one of the best videos on both sites 10/10

  • @kandyman:

    Was there enough ass in it though?

    Oh - hell yes - especially the Mad Ukrainian - she fills out that spandex catsuit WONDERFULLY !!!!!! :P

    Another brilliant production, Kandyman. Well done to you, Mad, Red, and all the Kandycrew. Thanks :D

    PS - I hadn't even noticed the alleged lack of kicks - I must have been too busy watching Mad and Red's asses, and other assets, to notice :P I'd better go and watch it again to check …. that's my excuse anyway .....

    PPS - Thanks Kandyman for sharing the behind the scenes photos above - I always enjoy to see a bit of what goes into the making of these videos.

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    Was there enough ass in it though?

  • Recently the films have been good but please don't forget that this is KICKasskandy.

    Too much punching and too little kicking for my liking. The first kick was 2 1/2 minutes in. I dread working out the ratio but it will be disappointing.

    Nevertheless - still the best around.

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