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    Now this trailer has been out for a good couple of years but alas, I don't think they've ever released it. Now here's one for you detectives out there, does anyone know why? or whether they have plans to release? it has the kind of budget which means it can't sit on a shelf forever.


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    Good work Detective Owl, its a real shame they didn't make the whole movie, it was a pretty slick trailer and you're right, Serinda Swan could have been a Kandygirl she's that hot.

  • Well, I found their website, and here is the relevant part of the news section.

    If I'm reading it right, they only ever shot the trailer. Then less than a month later, they had a premiere (for the trailer I presume).

    My guess is that they never got the funding to do the movie proper. Which is a shame because Serinda Swan is crazy hot.

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