KICK ASS CAFE….open now!

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    When you're dying for a fight and nobody will help, you'd better head on down to the toughest truck stop cafe in town.

  • Loved this one. The girls looked absolutely amazing with the gloves and boots working a treat but please buy a second set of long leather opera gloves for Silver next time. We need much more of the girls taking on multiple opponents at once like Silver in her last two movies.

  • Great work once again.
    Those two girls are fantastic!

  • Nice work kman I like the dresses ad all the legs. Keep it coming with gold and silver!

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    Where's this early Friday humour of which you speak? :lol:

    What was up with you this week? Did Bombshell help at all?


    Nice work K’man.

    Just out of interest when are we going to see “Bronze”?

    Little early Friday humour for you all.

    No well wishes at all during my doubled over/shivery days this week. It’s a harsh world..

    Bought the Bombshell photo shoot yesterday. Mighty fine. Bit of everything in there I’d say.


  • Oooh now that looks like a worthwhile investment…

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