Kickasskandy Website Review

  • I think its fair to say its been a great year for kickasskandy and none of us can wait for more. However in the meantime here is a review that I found. I think it does justice to how good this site is although personally I disagree that peril or any other similar site is better than anything kickasskandy has to offer. Nevertheless it is a good read.

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    Its a good old review isn't it :) The chap who wrote it, Sidekick, is now a friend and writes the occasional review on our latest releases. We are both amused by the somewhat dictatorial stance taken by members of an all inclusive general action heroine site - many believe that if its not Peril then it shouldn't be written about.

  • Not a bad review but some of the comments are quite amusing. I also disagree that peril is better. The majority of reviews there seem to be related to these "peril" sites, whereby attractive women are threatened and then beaten senseless by assorted thugs. I definitely don't see the appeal of that. There are some good sites though, e.g. NGC which like KAK has highly attractive actresses, great production values and well choregraphed mixed fights. The only trouble is that there is a lot of peril and quite often, though not always, the female loses. And even where she wins, it's sometimes due to trickery or magic powers rather than winning the fight.

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