New kandygirl?

  • Sorry if I'm jumping the gun here, but I came across this trailer:

    And now I'm intrigued!

    So Kandyman, any estimates on a release date for this amazing looking episode?

  • administrators

    I'm just waiting for my editor to complete it but we have a load of custom films taking priority at the mo!

  • Hi Kandyman,

    When is a release expected for this movie featuring this incredibly sexy Kandygirl? I'm hoping very soon.

  • I hope next season means next week!

  • administrators

    Good spot DonnyJ!

    I should have said! We shot an ad for the magnificent boot makers Fernando Berlin, in exchange for a pair of their luxury boots! This is the first film for one of our new Kandygirls….her flexibility is something to behold! It'll be released in the next season, its worth waiting for :)

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