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    You're gonna be seeing a lot more of the World's greatest ass kicking beauty from now on because SHE'S BACK!!!

    and to celebrate the occasion we're launching a Supersized Photoset with her on Friday 5th April, followed by her incredible brand new film on Friday 11th!!

    Here's a little taste of what's in store....

  • Football season is nearly over Kman anytime you need me back from mid April for some photos give us a shout after seeing how these come out its give me the buzz again. Good work by all !!

  • Kandyman the amount of chatter this topic has generated hopefully on how much we all love Kix is feed back to her. I really, really can't wait until Friday. Can you please release the video 24 hours earlier? You've done this before!

  • Best Kix film to date Dfingo! My opinion of course :)


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    Thanks for the wave of enthusiasm guys! Kix is genuinely back for good! She's a genuine ass kicking superstar and she missed us as much as we miss her!

  • I mean this with no trace of hyperbole: The return of Kix is, for me, the greatest event in KAK history.

    You've made my day. Heck, my month. I'll be purchasing this, as well as any other photo sets and vids that she stars in, this I can promise.

    I don't mean to heap praise on your star in a weird, creepy, Internet stalkery-obsessive way….it's just a professional admiration. I've tried low-to-medium budget "fem action" filmmaking myself....And had to deal with traveling to distant urban shoots....the technical headaches....budget constraints.....and most of all, the key to it all: an appealing heroine. So, maybe more than most, I see what a gem you've discovered. Beauty, brains, brawn, perfect comedic timing, and the athleticism to convincingly pull off an impressive series of ass-kickings.

    You guys have a star on your hands. Don't let her get away!

    Hmmmm....maybe a custom vid is in order.....:)

    Thanks for the great news, fellas. And thanks, Kix!
    --Dusty b.

  • Awesome, thanks Dizzle

  • Panda!

    Kix is back and better than ever and not just a one time fling! I know this from experience.

    Buy the photo set and receive a taste of my amazing custom video in store for next week :)

    I can GUARANTEE sure as shit that United wins the title that you won't be disappointed in the new Kix material!


  • But K'man, is Kix really back for more martial arts mayhem magic; or is this a "one off" custom special. Can we expect more Kix movies? Geez she looks hot!!!!!!!!!

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    I concur with everything my friend Dizzle has to say. We have been busy making some wonderful custom movies with Kix and its been a lot of fun to collaborate with another creative individual, not to mention the fun we had making the films!

  • it's a great news for everyone!!!!
    love the leather outfit and the long boot! can't wait for the film!

  • Ill vouch for Kman Panda. Kix is back!

    If you order a custom with her you will be blown away! Thanks for the compliments on the attire since I picked this out specifically!

    Lots of fun Panda to make one of these.


  • This is bigger than "Ben Hur" and the best Kandy news ev-er! Kix looks better than ever (love the outfit).

    But tell me Kandyman is this a "one off tease" or is Kix truly back as I would seriously consider ordering a custom KAK movie with her in the near future.


  • Trust me guys, this photo set and film is to die for.

    Proud to say this was my own custom Mr. Kandyman delivered for me and I think you all will enjoy this one very much. I would love to hear your feedback once the film is released and I encourage everyone to purchase a custom with your favorite Kandygirls. Very fun experience and you won't be dissapointed!

    Roll on Friday all!


  • this will be the best photo set ever :D

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    Hurrah! :cool: Great news Kandyman! :D

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