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    Here's a little taste of what to expect tomorrow :)

  • There just aren't enough superlatives to describe this film. The opening scene is utterly delicious. I love the outfit Drizzle picked out for Kix, she is simply 'to die for'. It was worth trying the 'point of view' sequence but I'm not sure it's my favourite way to view a fight scene. A big congratulations to Kix (God it's good to have you back), Kandyman and the crew and by no means last to Drizzle for his/her masterly vision.

    The threat of Kix being gone forever and seeing Drizzle's vision put onto film has certainly galvanised me to want a Kandy Kustom Movie with Kix, and I dare say I'm not the only one after this effort.

  • More feedback! Loving the response for my custom. Guys contact Kman to make your own for you. Awesome experience!


  • I completely agree with tashaa ca brings even more intensity da, ns fighting kix and its intensity in his eyes is even more sexy when she venge.c is more for movies like this continue kndy man in the futur

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    Brilliant post DB…. we're honoured to have beaten that Isaac Newton fella again :)

    Kudos to Dizzle! :)

  • I will take some pride in this Dusty! Thanks for the feedback regarding my custom. I highly suggest you contact Kman to create your very own. Well worth it!


  • Dusty's list:


    10. sliced bread
    9. the 1967 Ford Shelby Mustang Fastback
    8. late night Ramen noodles "back in college days"
    7. booze
    6. Sir Isaac Newton
    5. the wheel
    4. Voyager 2
    3. fire
    2. kickasskandy.com
    1. Kix, starring in "Kickass Unchained"

    Seriously. The greatest video from the Krew yet. Incredible.

  • hi

    it s was with the great pleasure and enjoy that i wash this movies with the smart and sexy hi kix
    for me it's the better movie with her since a start of the site.
    many action kix was very very angry i found that since many movies kis was very impressive for me
    it's the better girl of the site i like her axe kick
    the better moment of the movie was a final combat and i like very mutch when the man can punch her
    it 's a big addition for the action
    big congratulation for all the member who play in this movies and for hi kix

  • Glad you liked it Donny!

    Thanks for the feedback :)


  • Best. Kandy Video. Yet.

    Kman, Dizzle, this is a masterpiece. Congrats

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    We've launched it a few hours early for you guys….but you probably know that already since you're reading this. We're delighted a) to be in HD b) to have Kix back and last but not least c) to launch the new beginnings with this incredible custom movie devised by our good friend Dizzle! We love making custom movies, obviously because its nice to share the humungous costs but mainly because people can bring their own fresh ideas to the Kick Ass world....because after all, we'd be nothing without you!

  • oh….my....good....lord....

    (having a hard time speaking around the wild heart palpitations)...

    the end of the week is so close! and yet so far away!......

    Bravo to Kix and the KAK krew.

    kan't wait.

  • Kman,
    How about a little recognition for strong handing you to give the Kandy fans what they want!!!!

    Kix and HD Films!!!! :)

    I want your feedback on this film tomorrow people! Kman and I worked our asses off on this custom.


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    Simply awesome Kandyman!! :cool:

    Tomorrow can't come fast enough!!!!

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