Thank You SAF!

  • Sad day today regarding the shocking news of Sir Alex Ferguson announcing his retirement :(

    This man is MUFC and losing him is tough to swallow. Thanks for all the memories and an awesome season!

    I feel "Someone Special" taking the reigns and making his return to the EPL so I am not ready to do anything drastic.



  • Margaret Thatcher passes away, Sir Alex Ferguson retires. Somewhere on Merseyside there is a scouser with a magic lamp and one wish left.

  • Apparently all the nandos in Manchester and Surrey are staying open 5 minutes Longer to recognise Sir Whinge Alots retirement

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    Warnock is the obvious choice…..of course!

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    I think DG knows not to take a Yank too seriously when it comes to football ;-)

  • I will stop liking football if we get Rodgers LMAO!!!!

    Dizzy Goon I hope you know I was just giving you shit… I do hate Liverpoop but everyone makes mistakes in life so I forgive you for rooting for them. :)


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    Harsh! DG is one of the good guys…and a very magnanimous post to boot. However, I too would love to see Suarez on the receiving end of Kix's boots but what's poor old Brendan Rodgers ever done apart from make a bad situation worse? Having said that, until Moyes is confirmed we get anyone.... even Rodgers for all we know..... hope i've jinxed it though by saying just that.

  • Any negativity out of you or smart ass comments Dizzy disgracing Sir Alex I would have to make a phone call to Kix and have her beat some sense into you lol! Hell the fact you like Liverpool, Kman should ban you from the KAK forum!!!!! :)

    My dream custom would be Kix beating the bloody daylights out of Suarez and Rodgers! Kman can we make this happen? and if we need a third victim throw in that worthless pile of crap John Terry!


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