FRIDAY PREVIEW….could this be the sexiest Kick Ass Movie ever?

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    COMING TOMORROW….. SHOWKANDY with Champion Pole Dancing Kandy Electra!

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    Nice idea….maybe this could be your custom movie :)

  • Owow one of the best Kandys ever!
    Athletic and kick ass!

    Now take it to the next level and send in a couple of bad Kandys to try (unsuccesfully) to take her down.
    Time for another femme versus 2femmes!


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    Its out now! This girl is a site to behold, we'd been looking for a hot pole dancer that could do all the tricks plus throw a mean right hook and we found her. Obviously auditioning was a chore but it was worth it.

  • Stunning!!!! Can't wait to see this beauty:)


  • :O Uh yes that is the sexiest Kandy ever :O

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