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    COMING UP THIS FRIDAY…..A VIEW TO A KICKASS starring for the first time ever....Vixen AND Gold!

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    I hear you all. I love this discussion, we all believe that heels are best too. Kandygirls are a breed who want to look their best when kicking ass!

  • I must confess I like the heels. I'd be happy to see the Kandy Girls in lower heels if it allows for more agile fight moves. Not big on platforms. I'm a long standing boot lover though and the longer the boot the better. Must confess I'm only luke-warm about the gymnastics. All the girls are gorgeous so what makes a brilliant Kandy Film for me are those girls that can really make a fight scene sizzle with authenticity (and brutality) with fast punches and full on kicks (or should I say Kix!)

    Panda's 2 cents worth

  • I totally agree - the heels are essential! It's all about the way a pair of heels make the female body move, and the amazing fact that the girls can fight and win while wearing heels and looking great doing it :P For my taste, stiletto heels, as high as possible while having minimal platform under the toe, and boots for preference. :)

  • ^ I second this preference of heels vs flats. Much sexier!


  • Vixen is awesome! Is there anything she cannot do.

    The heels and the sexy outfits are your point of difference.

    Don't lose 'em!

  • Personally i think that the balance you guys struck is awe-inspiring and should be kept and worked upon. I started paying real attention on Kickasskandy since you guys drafted Emmanuelle (still the most sizzling hot kickass beauty you guys got, in my opinion) and so i think that the gymnastics defenetly bring the oozing sexyness (i love the moves). But personally i think you guys struck gold this way, giving the best of both worlds.

    Keep on delivering that we will keep on supporting in every way. :)

  • Personally I wouldn't bother visiting the site and ordering if it wasn't for the high heels despite the so sexy and gorgeous models working here.
    And the higher and non-platform the hotter.I hope we don't see the just 4" and platform-like shoes used in today's release very often.
    I also don't get it when other sites think that most fans find that the foot without shoe ware,
    is hotter and have their protagonists take them off at some point during the fights.

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    Interesting little debate this one….heels V gymnastics - would you be prepared to lose the heels for more flips, cartwheels and jumps?

  • Very nice!


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