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    What happens when one guy’s comic book fantasies come to life?

  • As somebody who greatly enjoyed your previous work Dusty, I hope my custom meets your expectations.


  • I'm VERY curious to see the Kix vid that panda commissioned. Sounds like its right in my wheelhouse.

    Any chance of a release date? Hmmm?!?!

  • Looking forward to being introduced to Ice, in the meantime :D :P

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    All in good time my friends, all in good time.

  • Cool. Kandyman, any sort of ETA?

    (sits and waits anxiously)

  • I serve at the pleasure of the Kandyman.

    It is for him to decide the timing if its release. From my point I am happy for it to be released at any time he feels it is appropriate.

    I think it's a great film but it does panda to my specific tastes.


  • A brutal Kix movie sounds amazing! Panda, will the general public be getting to see this vid? I hope so. I don't mean to be gross, but my mouth is watering at the very idea of some brutal Kix.

  • Dusty, earlier in this year I commissioned a Kick Ass Kandy film starring Kix. Like you I wanted a more serious, edger and more brutal Kix. The Kandyman worked closely with my ideas over about a dozen emails making sure we where both on the same page about what could be achieved. I was extremely happy with the end result. Kix really unleashes in it. Hope to commission other movie in the not do distant future. My advice , if at all possible, is to go ahead and do it. I'd reckon your ideas would be translated extremely well by Kix (or another KAK girl) in long boots.


  • I've reached the point in my Kix fandom that I pretty much have nothing left to say, lest it turns into hyperbole.

    Each time she's in a video, she's better than before. She LEAPS out of the screen.

    I get the whole kandy schtick, its funny and often very cleverly put together and written. But the steadily increasing quality (from a technical, nuts and bolts filmmaking perspective) and kix's ease at being on screen leave me DYING to see a real attempt at a more serious, less tongue in cheek approach. I really think you guys could pull it off. And I'd love to write it. A serious, gritty action flick starring a gorgeous supergal on a mission, and beating lots of schmucks to paste along the way…....sigh.

    Kudos to Kix and the powers behind the lens!

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    I loved this video!! :cool:

    Kix was more awesome than usual. I swear… sometimes it's hard to believe that she's not hitting the guy for real. She's so very good it's scary. :cool:

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    Its just a fancy dress costume Panda, that's the point about this film, she's just Kix being dressed up in stupid costumes - we're not intending to portray her as the real Wonderwoman. If we ever wanted Kix to star as Wonderwoman we'd get a real costume made - we're well aware of the superheroine purists out there, we're not stupid enough to pass this film off as an authentic take on Wonderwoman and we do have standards to uphold.

  • I have long wanted to commission a Kick Ass film with Hi-Kix as Wonder Woman. What has stopped me is not knowing that there is a Wonder Woman costume that will do Hi-Kix justice. As great as Kix is in this movie I'm afraid the Wonder Woman costume is a real let down on

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    I assure you, it's more than his fantasies coming to life. ;)

    This photoset is awesome, i can't wait to see the movie. :cool:

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