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    PACIFIC KICKASS - sexy mixed fighting action with the ultimate seductress of girl power - Vixen

    with wonderful cameo from Swedish superstar fitness model, Ice!

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    Wow DG, one win over United and suddenly you're Roger McGough!

    Nylwyny - that's one big call and I wouldn't argue against Ice but all I'd say is wait for Diva….

  • Outstanding again Kandyman.
    Amazing moves performed by incredible women.

    I know this is a big call, but could Ice have the best equipped body for kickasskandy ever?
    The move where she hip bumps the guy into the post had me drooling :)

  • This movie is so cool! (sorry couldn't resist) :)

  • OMG - Vixen is superb as always, and Ice - wow, she is gorgeous, sexy, and awesome - Kandyman - you have excelled yourself yet again.

    I do hope we will see a lot more of Ice (although, in that costume, which I love, there's not that much more of her to see!)

    :) :) :)

  • Who plays Ice?

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