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    What? a film AND a photoset? with KIX?? yes, I do spoil you and this 13 1/2 minute epic is fierce from the get go! check out the photoset now (at 2.99 for this weekend only) and the film is out Friday at 12pm!!

  • I have an idea. Why don't some of us team up and get a custom made??? We can each have something incorporated to the film that we want to see. If anyone is interested email me.

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    You are truly to be commended Dizzle83!

    For in ordering these many customs, you share your good taste and prosperity with us all. :cool:

  • Glad you all liked another of my many customs Kandyman has made for me :)

    Stay tuned as there are more to come!


  • It seems like a very long time ago that I first entered the world of KAK, back then it was all about the magnificent AJ, The Body, Triple X and Agent Jessica. Since then lots of girls have come and gone, some have joined the Kick Ass Hierarchy (I'm looking at you Vixen and Red) whilst others have entertained and then moved onto other missions away from the KAK reality.

    But there is one girl who has continued to break hearts, minds and noses. A girl who's looks are half supermodel, half Hollywood film star. A girl who makes kicking every ounce of resistance out of a gang of massive blokes seem as effortless as hurrying for a bus. A women of such obvious talent and natural ability that it almost isn't fair to let her take on these poor men.
    I'm talking about the wonderful Kix!

    We are very lucky to still have Hi-Kix on here. And boy does she deliver the goods in her latest offering.

    I think I might have to watch High School The Kick Ass again, Kix and Vixen on the screen, at the same time, in Schoolgirl uniforms, beating up blokes. Or maybe a cold shower?

  • AllBlacksRugby, you'll then hopefully like my custom movie when Kandyman see fit to release it. It also stars the magnificent Kix,


  • hey kandyman, why dont u make some new videos with girls wearing a judo' uniform ? The action takes place in a judo hall, what do u think ?

  • Thanks for the info :-)

  • Good Lordy.

    Kix proves, once again, to be the finest performer in the fem-action genre. There's not much else I can say. Wonderful!

  • hello? anybody here?

  • is the level of peril 0 in this one?? the movie looks great!!

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