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    She's got it all…power, finesse and massive...personality!


  • Loving Flex, but when can we see her in thigh high boots kicking in heads?

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    ;) thanks Cyril and for you to rate her close to Kix is one hell of an accolade. Of course, any similarities between the names of the criminals and the names of Liverpool footballers if completely coincidental. :)

  • UNBELIEVABLE that the word !!!

    after the unshakeable Kix in my ranking of my favorite she is certainly in second position

    i have to say after 3 years of regular buyer of kak and bak movie it s great to see new face and kc is really a breath of fresh air in the kak casting pretty, sexy, charismatic

    she desserve to be in future custom movie :)

    thanks Kandyman for this great find you have revived my interest in a beautifull way

    may be a photoset with the movie ?

    PS : Gerard Suarez ???? really ???? show a little respect for our next 19 champion title :)

  • Who plays KC Flex?

  • what other videos does KC Flex appears in besides the one just released. Also I saw that her bust is a 34GG what are her measurements ? Thx

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