The Five Legged Divas

  • Here are some WIP sketches that I drew of my OCs for my current project:

    This is a fan project that I wanted to do as a mugen project a very long time ago back when I was into Mugen but never bothered with due to the lack of passion. But now after noticing a pattern in my own projects that I have kept doing all this time, I've realized that I still want to do it so a month ago I decided to say "Screw it, I'm going for it!" and decided to revive it (only as a different project altogether with five characters instead of one) while pushing back my other stuff to focus on it. Unlike the other projects which were mainly fan movelist writing projects for already existing characters, this one is a project for my own original characters (with the purpose of showing my huge admiration for Kick Chicks) that will hopefully become a sprite project. These five characters are primarily based on [the four amazons from Jackie Chan's Armour of God movie](), with their fighting style being heavily inspired by kick-based fighting styles and fighters from other mediums including fighting games, beat'em up games, anime, martial arts movies and videos (all which I love and yes, Kickass kandy is one of those inspirations), as well as famous real life martial artists like [Ken Lo]() and [Chloe Bruce]() who are known for their awesome kick-based fighting styles. The girls are also a representation of 2 other things with the first being my fetish for hot girls fighting in leather and high heels (especially high heel boots) and the second being my admiration for female baddies from beat'em up and action games.

    Anyways, time for the introduction:

    This is a group of five beautiful and vicious looking women who are called the "Five Legged Divas", a group of female fighters who work as either bodyguards or assassins for various clients around the world. They are all masters of the "Way of the mighty Leg" style, a powerful and deadly superhuman martial art style that revolves around the art of kicks and using ki (especially dark ki), using both simultaneously in perfect unity. Each one is a master of a pacific variation of the fighting style beyond just the general basics. They start off fighting similar to each other using the using highly skilled kicking and footwork techniques that you see in all normal martial arts, but at 25% of their power, they start using the basic techniques of the "Way of the Mighty Leg" style. Then at 50%, each one will start using an unique advanced version of the style that differs from each other. Once they start using 75% of their power, they will start using super moves and finally at 100%, they will use their most powerful attacks of their styles (aka Ultimate techniques)!

    Now before we introduce the ladies, let's talk about the style first. Here are the basic techniques of the style:

    1. The infamous Shadow fake technique, which is where the user moves her legs during fake out, shuffle switching, and feint movements so incredibly fast (especially during flamingo or wing fakeouts) that her following footwork movements (during the fake outs) become like very blurry illusions/mirages, as if the user using 4 or 6 legs at once. Plus the following kicks will become after-images, which can trick her opponents easily and leave them wide open for the following real kicks that come right after. The "Wild Lighting Leg" style has a special advance version of this technique called the "Thousand Shadows" technique.
    2. The Cannon kick technique, a long range attack where user fires a Ki blast through her legs. The appearance and strength of the ki blast varies depending on the user. It should be noted that the "Firing Cannon Leg" style takes this technique to a greater level as it revolves around using a variety of projectile techniques.
    3. The Piercing Foot technique, where the user strikes her target with the toe end of the foot (with the toe of the foot being surrounded with cutting ki to make it as sharp as a knife) in a "scythe" motion or one of her high heels in a powerful thrust motion to leave very painful stab-like or bullet-like wound, making stabbing weapons like knives unnecessary. If aimed at a vital point, it can kill an opponent easily. With the combined force of superhuman strength and ki that's put into this technique, it's strong enough to pierce even through steel armor!
    4. The Sturdy Leg Technique, a defensive technique where the user uses her ki and willpower to harden the muscles of the legs to nullify any attack aimed at them, although it does require the user to stay in place to do so. The "Strong Iron Leg" style allows the user to attack while the muscle hardening element of this technique is still activated, making her kicks a lot more stronger but at the cost of some speed.
    5. The Soundless Feet technique, a "flash step' technique where the user moves on the ground at a superhuman level of speed so fast that it causes the user to "vanish" and appear in a different spot, with the feet making no sound throughout the technique. The "Wild Lightning Leg" has a few advanced variations of this technique that allows the user to go beyond superhuman speed.
    6. The Titan Crush technique, where the user stomps on the opponent with her foot that is infused with ki.
    7. The Sticky Feet technique, which allows the user to walk or run on other surfaces like a wall, ceiling, or even water. There is even a high level version of this technique called the Skywalk technique where the user uses her ki to bounce off and run on the surface of the air itself.
    8. The Flying Arrow technique, an ki energy infused flying kick technique that differs from user to user!
    9. The Hurricane kick technique, a technique where the user spins in place with her foot out, knocking back all enemies surrounding her.

    Now once the practitioner passes all the training exercises and tests, as well as mastering all the basic techniques, she will then be taught a pacific advanced form of the style that is suited for her. These advance styles are:

    1. Wild Lightning Leg (Speed), a hyper fast style which relies primarily on fast and rapid kicking techniques, along with constantly evading and attacking while still moving at extreme ninja-like speeds, as well as using unusual lightning quick and tricky (and sort of awkward) footwork that uses a lot of stylish feinting, shuffle stepping, and switching that seem to resemble feet movements from Irish tap dancing, Flamenco dancing, and some elements of Abstract breakdancing. While the basic "Way of the Mighty Leg" style (as well as all 5 advanced ones) does revolve around moving at superhuman speed in general (like the Soundless Feet and Sticky Feet), this particular advance style revolves around moving and attacking at speed levels beyond that, even at the point of Godlike speeds. It should also be noted that while it is the fastest of the five styles, it is also the weakest as it relies on speed rather than strength.
    2. Firing Cannon Leg (Firearm), a primarily long-range projectile-based style which revolves around using the Cannon kick technique at a far higher and greater level, including launching other kinds of various Ki blasts through their legs instead of just one type. Only those who are highly efficient at ki control and energy projection can use this style.
    3. Strong Iron Leg (strength), a very direct style of raw power which relies on very strong powerful single strikes (like charging attacks) that borrows a few elements from Muay Thai and other hard based styles, all while the hardening aspects of the Sturdy leg technique is activated. While this style may be the strongest, it is also the slowest due to relying on strength instead of speed. This also has a more defensive version of the style where the user uses her arms to defend and her legs to counter.
    4. Graceful Bladed Leg (Sharp), a very fluid, dazzling, and graceful style which revolves around using one's legs as cutting blades with the ki element of wind. This is the most graceful of the advance styles since it borrows many dancing elements from various kung fu and capoeira styles, along with elegant movements from ballet, skating, and even twirling movements of breakdancing, making the user a "Dancing Swordswoman" of sorts.
    5. And then finally, The Great Grand Leg (All), the most advanced form that is taught to only the most dedicated students of the school and is allowed only one successor per generation! This style uses the best aspects of the other 4 styles along with some techniques of it's own.

    Now it's finally time to introduce the ladies!! From top left to bottom center:

    (note: The reason why there are some things missing in the profiles is becasue I'm still updating them every now and then so they are not complete yet.)

    _**Tira the blur, age 25

    Nationality:** Taiwanese

    **Appearance:** Brunette long haired girl with green eyes wearing a black one piece leather leotard, dark brown pantyhose leggings, and black high heel shoes

    **Status:** Master of the Wild Lightning Leg Style

    **Ki Color:** Yellow

    **Special techniques:**

    Sonic boom (temporary name) - her own version of the cannon kick when fighting at 50% or higher. Looks just like Guile's sonic boom.

    Lightning kick - A rapid fire kick. Nuff' said.

    Machine gun kick/heel - same as lightning kick, only that this one is a piercing foot version of the technique.

    Hundred woodpecker kicks - Similar to Lightning kick, only that Tira kicks her opponent in one spot multiple times with one leg.

    Flamingo Flurry - Tira prepares to do a quick leap towards her enemy and, immediately after the lift and during the leap, rapidly kicks the enemy in one blurry succession before landing on the ground.

    Diving Raid - She dives downward and kicks the enemy rapidly.

    Tricky Tango 1 -

    Tricky Tango 2 -

    Razor - A combination of Skywalk, Sticky feet, and Soundless Feet that allows her to move at vanishing speed in the air in a zigzag motion.

    Warping Feet - A super advanced version of the Soundless feet technique that makes it look like she is in multiple places at once (mirage clones of her as one would say).

    Thousand Shadows -

    **Super technique:** Thousand Thunderous pecking Kicks

    **Ultimate secret technique:** Warping Million Kicks_

    _**Dana the gun, age 27

    Nationality:** American

    **Appearance:** Orange long haired girl with yellow eyes wearing a one piece leather leotard, black leather leggings, and high heel ankle boots

    **Status:** Master of the Firing Cannon Leg Style

    **Ki Color:** Red

    **Special techniques:**

    Three shot - A triple version of the Cannon kick with each going three different directions.

    Scatter shot - A more powerful multiple version of the three shot.

    Soccer shot - She creates an energy ball and kicks it like a soccer ball.

    Rocket shot - A projectile that goes straight up above her.

    Reflect shot - She sticks her leg out at mid level and rotate it in a circle, creating a shield in front of her that absorb projectiles (from energy blast to gun bullets) and backfires them at her opponent.

    Arrow shot -

    **Super technique:** Cannon Bullet War

    **Ultimate secret technique:** Giant Exploding Cannon Shot_

    _**Sandrea the muscle, age 29

    Nationality:** Australian

    **Appearance:** Blond long haired girl with blue eyes wearing a black one piece leather leotard, black leather leggings, high heeled knee-high boots, and arm bracers

    **Status:** Master of the Strong Iron Leg Style

    **Ki Color:** Green

    **Special techniques:**

    Big Boot - her own version of the cannon kick when fighting at 50% or higher.

    Charging Spear Kick - A charging kick.

    Atomic Ax - A mighty strong heel drop!

    Rocket Knee - She does a dragon punch like technique only that she uses her knee instead of her fist. Basically Joe Higashi's Tiger kick.

    Megaton Drop Kick -

    Diving Knee - A powerful double knee drop from mid-air.

    Punt kick to Rolling Frankinsteiner (temporary name) -

    Monster Stomp - A more devastating version of the Titan Crush.

    **Super technique:** Leg Grab Assault

    **Ultimate secret technique:** Strongest Kick in the Universe_

    _**Wandra the blade, age 30

    Nationality:** Russian

    **Appearance:** Dark blue long haired girl with orange eyes wearing a black one piece leather leotard, dark blue pantyhose leggings, high heel thigh boots, and arm length gloves

    **Status:** Master of the Graceful Bladed Leg Style

    **Ki Color:** Blue/Grey

    **Special techniques:**

    Skatewalk - A mobile technique where Wandra (when she's fighting 50% of her ability or higher) concentrate her ki underneeth her feet to "skate" across the ground or air.

    Wind blade - her own version of the cannon kick when fighting at 50% or higher. Basically the Rankyaku technique from One Piece.

    Hurricane slicer - A more deadly version of the Hurricane kick.

    Razor Top - A forward moving spinning handstand kick with slicing wind properties.

    Lethal ballerina 1 - A chain of constant (and fluid) dance like attacks that resembles movements from ballet, ice skating.

    Lethal ballerina 2 - Same as 1, but with different attacks.

    Lethal ballerina 3 - Same as 1, but with different attacks.

    Sword stab - A stronger and longer version of the Piercing Foot technique that has extended range.

    Rapid Stab - A rapid multi-stab version of Sword stab. While not as fast as any of Tira's rapid firing attacks, it's still useful as it's a mid range technique that's great for keeping the pressure on her opponent.

    Buzzsaw - An attack that looks like a razor spinning wheel.

    **Super technique:** Furious Leg Slash

    **Ultimate secret technique:** Leg Slash of the Goddesses_

    _**Zakora the leader, age 33

    Nationality:** Unknown (presumed to be Japanese)

    **Appearance:** Dark Jade long ponytailed haired girl with red eyes wearing a one piece leather leotard, black leather leggings, high heel thigh boots, arm length gloves

    **Status:** The leader of the group and Master of the Great Grand Leg Style!

    **Ki Color:** Purple

    **Special techniques:**










    **Super technique:** ???

    **Ultimate secret technique:** ???


    More info on this project will be coming soon, as well as updates! :)


    The project is now in google docs:

  • New updates have been added to the Five legged Divas project with personalities now included in the profiles in order to make each kick diva more unique, along with a WIP of the title card that is serving as a place holder until the title card is complete:

  • New sketch!! This time with some of Tira's attacks:

    Plus there has been some new updates in Five Legged Divas document! :)

  • New sketch! This time of some of Sandrea's techniques:

    Also, I made some updates on the profiles of the girls, among other few things. However, I moved all the info to google documents in order to have enough space for future updates:

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