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    WHAT? first there's KC Flex…then Diva....and now you bring us Skarlet? Oh yeah - and she's 3 in a million. High kicking, mega violent, ultra flexible, highly gymnastic, super flexible, uber gorgeous and incredible in a catsuit. The photoset is out now and the film is out on Friday.....


  • Skarlet is my favorite,, love her! :) Love Kix as well. :)

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    Guys - i'm overwhelmed by the feedback once more and yes, Dizzle is prolific! Skarlet and Diva are quite the team now and, together with Kix and KC are a force to be reckoned with!

    PS: I love Bionic suprises :)

  • I love her scream when she delivers that first kick! I have fallen in love with her and I've started putting together a story for a custom as well as a little gift to her and Kandyman as well.

  • Glad you all liked this custom! Few more yet to be released guys. I have said this before, contact Kman for a custom. We have done quite a few and I can assure you will not be disappointed!

    Thanks again for the love!


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    This right here is one of the very best videos the Kandyman has ever produced!

    Skarlet is a wonderful addition to the KAK family. The way that suits hugs every single curve of hers is nothing short of sublime. And her fighting skills are as good as any Kandygirl, which means a cut above everyone else.

    As for Kix… what can I say that has not been said before? The words to describe how spectacular she is elude me.

    And what’s best about this video relates directly to her. She finally found a mook who could put up a decent fight, and IT. WAS. AWESOME!!!!!

    Congratulations Kandyman on one of your finest video yet! And a million thanks to Dizzle83 for commissioning this masterpiece! :D :cool: :D

  • just see the movie and one word (my english is quite poor :) ) : WAHOO

    just few words about skarlett : really pretty sexy and charismatic girl, the outfit is really great for her, again a great find from Kandyman :)

    but what to say about Kix so ??? better than ever

    the outfit is really outstanding… her acting is really on top specially when she was in difficulties again the big bad guy ...

    and yes you read well Kix was more in trouble in this one than ever ... and for me who always request more balanced fights it s a real good news ... really appreciate this movie and if you are new here and want to have an idea of what is a KAK movie bought this one you don't regret your money

    hope than in the future Kandyman keep this cap to have more balanced fight

    great job waiting for the next Kix movie it s always better and better

    thank you Kandyman :)

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    Definitely worth the wait guys. Enjoy another fantastic custom Kandyman provided for YOURS TRULY!


    To you Dizzle83 our infinite thanks for commissioning this great work, making it possible for us to share the benefits of your creativity and prosperity. :cool:

  • @Dizzle83:

    Definitely worth the wait guys. Enjoy another fantastic custom Kandyman provided for YOURS TRULY!


    Dizzle83 - Thank you as I'm not a man with too much money to spend right now. Please use Skarlet again for another custom.

  • Definitely worth the wait guys. Enjoy another fantastic custom Kandyman provided for YOURS TRULY!


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    She's worth the wait….Friday 12pm Kandytime.

  • Can't wait for the film,Kandyman…Can you release it in an earlier time?!

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    Simply spectacular!!! :cool:

    Another breath-taking addition to your roster. And what’s more important… MORE KIX!!!! :D :D :D

  • She's the perfect girl - innocent face with a guilty body. The sweetest piece of kandy I've ever seen!

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