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    It's the most eagerly awaited film of the year….it's Xmas....and its Vixen and that INCREDIBLE catsuit.


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    My acting? But I am a mysterious enigma!

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    I think it may be safe to say its with Diva and she rocks the secretary look…but don't tell anyone :) - she is ofcourse, INCREDIBLE.

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    Fair point, my offering is a little belter.

    Still, credit where it’s due. This is a beauty.

    When is Part II due for release (he asks greedily..)?

    Soon I hope.


    Well Deeg, part 2 will be out this Friday!

  • Kandyman, your a champ - I can not think of a better Christmas present than Vixen, all wrapped up nice and tight in black latex :P :P

    Merry Christmas Kandyman, Merry Christmas Kandy Girls, Merry Christmas Minions (hope you recover soon, so the Kandygirls can beat the stuffing out of you again :p ), and a special MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my fellow forumites :)

  • The Brutal Kix video? Can someone enlighten me to what that means?

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    Damn & blast your eyes Dfingo…

    You might have just commissioned the best Kandy film ever made.

    Vixen would be heart attack territory in a burka let alone in this garb.

    Amazing. Simply amazing.


    Yours gives it a run for its money though!

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    Will this be the last video of the year??? Or will be treated to the now infamous "brutal Kix" video?

    This is an ff film my friend, one for the new site.

  • Great, great, great!!The best kandygirl wearing a perfect and such a hot outfit. Excellent!! I only hope Dfingo you like knee moves, so that there will be some nice knee moves to the groin to make this video the greatest Kickasskandy video ever.

  • Will this be the last video of the year??? Or will be treated to the now infamous "brutal Kix" video?

  • For me the difference in better will be when the opponent men will be more powerful ! alwais the same boys are tired… my dreams is VIXEN that humiliating a Super Hero like Superman or other!! Can my dream come true??

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    I can honestly say Dfingo that I love Vixen dearly but i've never seen her looking so incredible as she did in this catsuit! She is the epitome of the femme fatal, that's why she is so damn popular!

  • Very nice. Adds another level of quality.

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    Well spotted Bionic, we shot this one on a 5D and it looks great, colours, depth of vision etc. The sound is not great on it though.

  • She looks like superhuman hotness! I thought we'd never see this one. I'm loving the film quality on this one too. Have Kandy films moved over to the celluloid format?

  • Super Vixen!!!

  • OMG I cant wait for this one!!!!!!!!! ;)


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