UNLEASH THE BOOTS - New Ice Release!

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    After a deluge of requests for the Ice finale - Frozen Kandy Two - we have decided to release it early for you!

    She truly is a force of nature and along with an even fight Ice decides to finish him off by unleashing the boots….

    …and then performing our first ever LIFT & CARRY!

    She does it for real, even with stilettos on - i'm 14st (pure muscle of course) and she picked me up effortlessly!

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    Surely she'd be Dancing on Ice DG?

    Thanks Pulphead - Ice and I actually went training down the gym just the once before I got so utterly demoralised with my 1 pack that I went for a pint.

    DF - I didn't even ask for the lift, she just did it. She's one hell of a woman. As for the ab-off between her and Red, well its a tough one considering Red has never done a single ab crunch or sit up in her life - she was born with them!

  • I double that about the abs, She is amazing!!! The kickass storylines are improving week by week!! Great Clip

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    Oh Kandyman, what wonderful treat this is! I could watch this girl’s abs forever. :D

    Please! Please! Please! Tell me that she’s going to be involved in the new F/F site! :cool:

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