KickAssKandy is becoming even Better

  • KickassKandy is becoming more and more interesting as the weeks are passing by.
    The storylines start with absolute girl power and then include plot twists where the girls actually feel the danger building tension for the final showdown where they do what they were born to do, dominate the bad guys in the best possible way!

    I particularly like when the girl is briefly knocked out. I believe that t really spices things up and makes the final domination (where our girl destroys the guy) even more interesting. As a light peril fan I will buy instantly every clip that includes a ko for the girl and since I enjoy FemPower as well I think that I will keep buying forever and ever till the end of time!

    The storyline of FrozenKandy is the best example.

  • These are funny times Pulphead, funny times :)

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    These are dark times Pulphead, dark times.

  • After the win of Olympiakos with 2-0 over Man.Unit. I am expecting a KO in the KAK movie tommorow! :p

  • There should be one where a guy mounts a seemingly defeated girl and punches her face a few times - then she fights back and kicks his butt :D

  • Ah - now that's got me interested - Wonder Woman (my favourite superheroine :D ) in some KAK action. I trust, Kman, for your money, you got a "proper" WW outfit - ie - no skirt.

    I hope the WW outfit will get an outing in the f/f format, assuming the custom to be a f/m format commission.

    Which ever format, I await with interest :P

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    It's top secret i'm afraid Pulphead, its a custom for a very special Kandyite.

  • Amazing News! May I ask which of the beauties is going to wear the costume or it is a surprise?
    (cross fingers for Kix)

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    Thank you once more - we're in this for the long term! if we get bored then you'll get bored so keeping it fresh is where we're at! We've actually just had a Wonderwoman costume hand made for us and it looks incredible (the price was incredible too!!), it was so expensive that even the bracelets are silver plated! so stay tuned for that one!

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