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    In an effort to de-spam and de-bug the forum I accidentally deleted the posting histories of 2 of this boards greatest ever posters. I am so upset this happened, it was such a simple mistake when trying to delete 2 notorious spammers starting with 'D'. I have sent a message to both DG and Dfingo apologising and i'm really upset that all their brilliant posts over the last few years have gone.


  • @Dfingo:

    How many more customs have you got Dizzle?

    Loved the latest release ku fu Kix. Kix was amazing!

    At least 2 lol! I can't share any other details other than that Dfingo!


  • How many more customs have you got Dizzle?

    Loved the latest release ku fu Kix. Kix was amazing!

  • Officially canceling all my pending customs with you now Kman!!!
    Chop Liver rank just ruined seeing my amazing films for everyone else…

    Dizzle83 aka "Chop Liver" (still better than being called David Moyes)

  • Whats my rank Kman? Chop Liver?!!!!!… lol


  • I suspect off £8m a year he doesn’t really care!!
    I’ll happily fall over at Lime St Station for £6m a year…

    Very happy with the Secret Agent position - so to speak.
    Although is it fair value for over 360 posts and hours of well considered, albeit quite random, drivel?
    On balance, probably.

    As for the Avatar of the pondering mini-gorilla it is just a holding image until I get back to the main machine that stores all of my ‘best bits’.
    So the conker with moustache will be back, don’t you worry!!

    The plus side of all of this is that all reference to the Kandy League has now been obliterated so therefore “Bob Paisley (the Return)” no longer looks like quite the plum he once was.

    Evidently no such reboot available to save Mr Moyes however…..
    You can chuck me down a black hole again K’man, but I will climb back out.


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    Haha - Wenger is a comedy genius :)

  • This was all part of the plan I'm sure.

    'Accidentally' delete me then give me a comedy Avatar of my hero.

    Low blow K'man :)

    Watch out DG and Jadeowl say something nice about Manchester United.

    Although I do love it and want to keep it.

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    Dfingo - I'm gutted that your pearls of wisdom have done but they will be remembered fondly. As such i've elevated you to the rank of Secret Agent to and you now have a lovely avatar too.


  • All of my words of wisdom.
    My deep inner thoughts.
    My total and utter nonsensical drunken drivel.
    All gone with the tap of a button.

    Well I don't know why I bothered to put in so much effort on my posts. In future I'm not even going to use spel check before I submit.

    I think you might be onto something though DG, our teams are flying high in the Prem while K'mans team is languishing down in 7th and all of a sudden we get 'accidentally' deleted. Hmmmm.

    I might have to sort myself out one of those avatar things :)
    I like your new pic DG, not as much as the conker with the moustache though.

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    I was wondering where that thread went! ;)

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    Now, what kind of a person would it make me to ban all utterances from the Scousers and Cockneys?? sensible perhaps?

    I have, however, awarded you with a brand new position of Secret Agent. Now i'm not suggesting you're a United fan in disguise far from it, or am i?

  • Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now that is taking the anti-Liverpool/Arsenal bias to a new level!!!

    Oh well, it happens.

    I now have a clean sheet of paper to start my Kandy life all over again.

    Moreover I get to choose a new Avatar – which is very exciting news indeed – In the circumstances one of the Kop perhaps?

    New & improved DG

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