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    More behind the scenes action from the amazing Emmanuelle….

  • Love Emmanuelle
    Hope she comes back soon. Great to see her in another video.

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    Thanks Panda…all Kandygirls return home at some point :)

    Here's a little behind the scenes clip for you guys to enjoy - it gives a glimpse into how we work, how every sequence is choreographed and taught precisely.

  • This is Emmanuelle's best work yet. …......what a pity she's gone away. Loved this movie.

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    Well…..actually, this wasn't a custom movie, Emmanuelle was moving to India for a year the following week so we thought we'd get this one in the bank whilst she was gone. We knew we'd miss her! She absolutely does oooze the S-appeal....she can also drink any man under the table as we found out that night.

  • Was this a custom?

    If so, then the customer (I assume that one term derives from the other) needs a medal.

    This beautiful girl oozes sex appeal or as she might pronounce it ‘zzecksapple’.


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    Poetic DG, poetic. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  • Bloody hell I love this girl!!

    Her ‘armography’ is something to behold – with her overall grace and poise.
    She also has rather nice pins and a body that ultimately sends me weak at the knees.

    Looking forward to this one big style.

    Oh, by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY K’man.
    53 again eh?

    In honour of this day I present to you:

    “Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Your film work is blinding,
    But your football team’s poo…”

    That’s all yours.
    Don’t say I never get you anything.


  • I do love a well filled, knee length boot! Another great addition to the Kandy ranks (I do realise that "Kandy Ranks" sounds like the third member of Chaka Demus and Pliers, but anyway) She has a wonderful, playful manner when dealing with the bash boys. And I bet she knows all the words to Joe Le Taxi as well. Top work Lord Kman, once again.

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