PREVIEW: NEXT RELEASE…..Never underestimate Kix!

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    Only a fool would underestimate the power of Kix!


  • Dammit if i dont love Kix!!! She's just the hottest ass kicking action babe! Although she should have been wearing her catsuit. Catsuits and kix were created for each other,plus it makes her look more villanesque

  • I beg to differ.
    That would be AJ.
    The original & still the best!!!!!
    Although I do have a space in my heart for all of the others - I'm inclusive like that.

  • Kix has to be the first into the Kandy Hall of Fame doesn't she?

    She is a phenomena.

  • Kix is the queen as always.

    I liked the test of strength part even if the armwrestling could have been more developed(used for even more humiliating punchlines for example) but nice job!

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    Kix should wear those glasses more often. They really suit her. ;) :p

  • The.Greatest.Action.Heroine.


    Need I say more? NO
    Can I say more? ABSOLULTELY.


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