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  • I'm not sure if this topic belongs here but ill give it a shot.
    Just imagine your favourite Kandygirl delivering a classic one liner or quote from a film,tv,book or song lyric.
    which would you choose….?
    for example.

    Kix faces three terrorist thugs in a back alley.
    Thug one "Get yourself outta here girlie,this dont concern you!"
    thug two "do you even know who we are!?"
    Kix "the village idiot and the two runners up!"
    Film.Deathstalker 2

    Silver confronts a massively built bodyguard.
    Silver "Every man has a breaking point and when im done with you,youll have reached yours!"
    Silvers version of apocalypse now.

    Kix not so innocently walks in and disturbs a major gun exchange.
    Gangsta "who the fuck are you? apart from some tasty bird in a catsuit!"
    Kix "Do any of you muppets know what "nemesis" means?"
    the gangstas looks stupidly at each other.
    Kix "A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent .Personified,in this case by a horrible bitch:.......ME!"
    The film snatch.

    So kandyfans what else can you come up with?

  • the answer is…...a castlemaine xxxx advert. Its an austrailian lager back from the early 90s,i think.

  • Fraid not Dfingo,may have misled you a little with the desert reference.

    Think along the lines of the austrailian outback…..

  • Is it Fry's Turkish Delight?

  • Here's a classic from yesteryear,see if you can guess what advert this comes from…

    Diva and Skarlet have just torn apart a entire camp of terrorists to steal a deadly nerve toxin for themselves and have a long trek across the desert.
    They stumble across an oasis and in their rush to go for a swim,Skarlet trips up on the embankment and falls in throwing the package of nerve gas into the water where it begins to drift out.
    Diva "nice one Skarlet!!If you think im going in there,you can think again!"
    Skarlet gives Diva the evils "it wasnt my fault,i bloody well slipped"
    Diva isnt having any of it "you dropped it you get it...NOW!!"
    sulking,Skarlet wades into the water and then stops "There arnt any sharks in here are there?"
    Diva rolls her eyes up at the sky and shouts back "Dont be so stupid,of course there isnt!"
    Skarlet shrugs and wanders deeper into the pool.
    Diva looks down guiltily and says quietly "Piranhas ate all the sharks!"

    Ill give the answer in a couple of days. heh heh

  • Love to see that one Swiftraptor!

    Thought of another one.

    What about:
    Vixen facing 26 Daxus warriors.
    "You are all going to die"
    She then unleashes amazing skills dispatching all of them until they are all out cold.
    "Is that all you've got?"

    Film: Ultraviolet - Milla thingymagig


  • There's some awesome quotes there Dfingo,nice one.Love the gran torino and kill bill.
    just had a crappy day at work and youve made me laugh!:lol:

    check this one out.

    Kix and silver are surrounded by a horde of bad guys armed with AKs pointed right at them.
    The leader shouts at them over a loudspeaker "we will not attack if you do not run,there is no way of escape…..we do not want to hurt you!...This is your final warning!!!"
    silver "somehow i dont believe him,got any ideas kix?"
    Kix just stares coolly at the badguys."surrounding thems out of the question"
    "Hell of a time for humour"silver laughs"what do you say?"
    Kix breathes just two words "Fcuk em"

    film:Rambo 3

  • 'Nice Post' - What film is that from?

    I have a few:

    Emmanuelle: Oh, listen here, mister. We got no way of understandin' this world. But we got about as much sense of this bird flyin' in the sky. There is a lot that bird don't know, but it don't change the fact that the world is happening to him all the same.
    (the mugger looks at Emmanuelle with confusion)
    Emmanuel: What I'm tryin' to say is, is that the course of your life, well it is changing, and you don't even see it.
    (suddenly Emmanuelle punches the mugger out cold while the other muggers run off)

    Film; Lawless - Tom Hardy(Forrest Bondurant)

    Kix: Ever notice how you come across somebody once in awhile you shouldn't have F*$*^d with? That's me.

    Film; Gran Torino - Clint Eastwood(Walt Kowalski)

    Silver: How would you like to die? Hmm? Broken neck? Broken back? How's about I start with your arm… then your leg... then your other arm... then your ribcage... finishing off with a spinning roundhouse kick to the head, breaking your neck. Hmm? Sounds good? Works for me. And if it doesn't work for you, then tough titties.

    Film; The killing Zone - Melissa Simonetti(woman in black)

    Red to half conscious man: Looks like you f**&$d with the wrong lady pal, coz I really hate being called a bitch. (then punches him out cold)

    Film; Fist of justice - Marjean Holden(Jesse)

    Vixen: Those of you lucky enough to have your lives,take them with you. However, leave the limbs you've lost. They belong to me now.

    Film; Kill Bill - Uma Thurman(The bride) or Vixen in my next custom movie after she has just wiped out 26 guys with her bare hands and ive just remortgaged my house to pay for it.

    Pheeeew I actually feel as though I've just completed some homework. :)

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