Vixen stars in I Kickass….out now!

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    Friday = VIXEN!

    and a little cameo from someone else!…..

  • I've managed to see this blinder of a movie now. It is an absolute corker. Up there as Vixen's best movie. The fighting is intense and delightful. Vixen is just such a good fighter. And the stunt guys put on a great display.

    Excellent work Darklord and thank you for commissioning such a masterpiece.

    Haven't managed to see part 2 yet but will soon.

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    We loved making this movie for Darklord! his vision was fantastic and it's such a pleasure to work on customs with you guy when you have vision, enthusiasm and patience! It was a bloody freezing day, well remembered DL and the place had zero heating too! but the girls secretly loved fighting each other as the realised they were more than a match for each other.

    Thank you Darklord…. Part 2 is coming to KAF on Friday!

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    We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts oh great Darklord! For your great vision and generosity with your coin! :cool:

    Part 1 of your custom was a momentous event with the introduction of the first ever female minion, which I dearly hope is a trend that catches on in the Kandyworld.

    Friday cannot come fast enough! That one will be one for the ages!!! :cool: :D :cool:

  • Part 1 of my custom :) - I hope you all enjoy it - stay tuned over on KAF for part 2.

    I'd just like to thank Kandyman and all the Kandy Crew for the excellent job they did bringing my vision to life.

    Particular thanks to Vixen and Silver for a marvellous acting job, "selling" the fight moves brilliantly, but most of all, for being real troopers and getting out there in skin-tight spandex on a bitterly cold February day in London. I checked the forecast on the day they filmed and London's forecast max was only 8C (as I sat in lovely, sunny, Australia :P - I think it was 36C here that day) . It's all very well for the guys, in long trousers, jackets, balaclavas, etc, - just bear in mind what the girls put themselves through for Kandyman's art and our enjoyment - thanks so much girls - it is so much appreciated :)

  • I knew this would happen I go away and another Vixen film gets released :( Can't download this bad boy for another week yet :(
    Looks like a belter. Vixen with a new sort of look. Nice :)

    Anyway back to the margarita's :rolleyes:

    Great to see the conkers are back DG :cool:

  • The female minion is the greatest addition to the KAK verse. More please!

  • I love the female minion. More of that would be awesome, maybe a KAK movie with a bunch of catsuited female minions. All good stuff however, I enjoyed that the female minions was KO'd and laid in the background while Vixen took care of the rest of the goons.

  • Oh yes.

    The Conkers are BACK!!!!!!!!!!

  • Is Vixen perhaps one of the top 5 sexiest woman to currently walk the planet?


    A little bit for everyone in this film and a huge amount for yours truly.

    I like Vixen more than Munchies & I really love Munchies.


  • Awesome preview clip! I've seen silver in that lovely outfit before…. I sense an upcoming sexy crossover with kick ass femmes!!

  • Friday=Vixen=Bliss

  • Vixen looks jaw-droppingly stunning!!!!!!!!

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    but if you want to find a spoiler you could always watch the trailer :)

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