Where for art thou Red ?

  • I have to ask as not seen or heard anything from the delectable Red in …..............well too long

    and I for one miss her.

    So im asking,….......Is she still a Kandy Girl or........................has she sadly buggered off to pastures new ??

  • One very fit young lady and no mistake.

    I think K’man should lure the ‘old guard’ (need to be a little careful what I say there) back to do a one off Christmas Special – plus a few solo missions obviously.

    AJ in the famous black catsuit & boots – although with that LA tan perhaps a waste.
    Sydney in that spray on silver catsuit – jesus almost fainted recollecting that. Probably the best bottom ever filmed. I refer to the reclining kick on the low loader lorry (sad knowledge of lorries there).
    Red in anything she fancies.
    Mata Hari in the Ed Hardy garb again – hot hot hot.

    Anyway, you get my thrust (I could change that to gist but I prefer thrust).

    Imagine what I’ve suggested and just think on….
    Not an utterly crap idea eh?!

    Must be approaching some milestone like the 100th film or something we can hang our hat on?


  • Thanks for the info J/O

    much appreciated my friend :)

  • administrators

    She hasn't forgotten us. She posted this on Instagram 3 months ago. See what she said in the comments:


    Throwback to when I used to kick ass for a living! #TBT #goodtimes #kickass #badass #MMA #dontmess


    And we miss you so very much! Very few people can look so good tearing people apart! And those abs!


    @jade_owl awww thanks! don't worry Red may well make an appearance in the future!

    So there's still some hope. :D

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