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    July the 4th be with you.

    Today we released a fun one. It's 20 minutes long as it's a mixture of POV and your usual ass kicking action at a ratio of 70/30. It's a Dizzle Custom special where you get to experience what it's like to be on the receiving end of one of Kix's special beat downs and we'd love to get your thoughts on POV.

  • Having now watched this through I must say that the POV angle here is very interesting indeed.
    Puts the viewer right in the front row - whilst thankfully maintaining all teeth.

    I was very surprised by the speed of Kicks' kicks - a blur!!

    Kicks also looks pretty amazing in those shorts.

    Good work Mr Dizzle.

    I did also notice yet another reference/slight towards the mighty Liverpool FC. Kandyman's fear of the Red resurgence is clear for all to see…


  • Really enjoyed this movie.

    Kix looks stunning. Fantastic acting in this one as well. Hope Kix is pursuing a job as a full time actress. She truly is great.

    As for the POV thing well I like it. But in small doses. Maybe a 20-30 second piece in a film is nice but after that I find it a little…....too much.

    Great film though and thank you again Dizzle for this custom. And long may they continue. :)

  • I concur with Panda. That outfit is something else.

  • I'm not so big on point-of-view, but I was blown away by how amazing Kix looked. Too much leather is barely enough! She looks utterly amazing in that outfit. I especially enjoyed seeing her "booting up". So dangerous yet so sensual!

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