NEW RELEASE! Hot New Kandygirl Skylar

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    here's a little preview…

  • When can we see the hot guy again?
    He's so hot, we want to see him more and kicked by kandygirls.

  • I thought i was the only one…

  • Getting the FvM withdrawal symptoms K'man..
    What's news?

  • Just watched this one again. Skylar truly is going to be a Kandy favourite in the future. She is amazing!
    So natural in front of camera as well. Great fighting skills.

    Hopefully more films in the pipeline :)

  • Fabulous looking girl who speaks the Queen's English - good combination.

    I liked the fact the bad guy was in karate garb.
    You take that one step further and turn him into a masked ninja (maybe with the odd weapon) and you're cooking on gas!

    The barefoot stuff rather leaves me cold - only in comparison to non barefoot by the way - but I understand it's all part of extended gymnastic capability.

    So in summary, same girl (perhaps in an AJ style mini dress) vs. ninja(s).
    Yes, I'd buy that - probably twice.


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    Thanks JDo and Abercorn, she's definitely a new star rising and we'll have plenty of traditional KAK (and maybe even KAF) films with her in the future.

  • I thought that this video was great. Skylar looks amazing and has some pretty great moves. I loved the finishing move especially. The only thing I wasn't really a huge fan of is the fact that she got her skills from a magic elixir. Personally I prefer the idea that the kandygirls are so skilled and capable of defeating all of these men because they spent their lives training rather than magically being granted the abilities. Of course that's just my opinion and it doesn't ruin the film at all.

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    This is an extraordinary video Kandyman! :cool:

    Not only does Skylar handles herself quite well, but the dude pulls some very cool moves, that while they don't help him all that much in the long run, make for an extremely lively bout.

    And I must say, I absolutely love the tone of sarcastic condescension that Skylar uses when talking to the guy. :D

    Please, please tell me that she shows up in KAF! That would undoubtedly be the cherry on top!

    PS: Are you at liberty to tell us her real life name?

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    Yes she is Mark.

  • Is Skylar available for customs?

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    She's an absolute force of nature this one!

  • Wow! This girl looks amazing. Seeing the trailer it looks like she's barefoot for about half the video. I thought I'd be disappointed by it because a catsuit and boots are like peanut butter and jelly: they just seem like they should always be together, but I'll likely buy this video anyway, because it looks like some damn good peanut butter.

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    Kandyman, my good Sir…how do you do it?! :cool:

    Do you have a Cerebro type machine somewhere in you basement that let's you find all the hottest ladies in fair Albion who also happen to have amazing talent for stage fighting?

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