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    Well, we thought it was time to have go a little Badass and celebrate the 3 original Badass Babes, RED, GOLD AND SILVER with a DOUBLE BILL!

    First of all we have RED and SILVER in all their catsuit glory in BADASS SATURDAY and then we have GOLD with Kandygirl Vixen in KICKASS FRIDAY!

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    Borderline?? :)

  • Forgot to say how much I enjoyed these.
    Especially the Vixen/Gold one.

    Apart from when I get wowed by the reflection of myself every morning obviously, Vixen has the best figure in the world…

    D (borderline narcissistic) G

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    One day Red may return but for the moment she's concentrating on her career as a Nun.

  • For a moment I thought Red is back !! Do we have any update on Red (and the possibility of her apearing in F/F or peril element clips?

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    Of course they're unreleased and i'm not talking football ever again….

  • K’man

    These are previously unreleased titles – yes?
    Hope so as just bought them!!

    Good luck today against the mighty Burnley by the way.
    Sorry state of affairs when actually it’s quite a hard one to call.

    Oh well, you had it good for about 20 years so on balance you can’t really complain.
    Liverpool were pretty pants for quite some years until only fairly recently.


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