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    We're teasing this week's release a little earlier because WE LOVE IT! It's Kix V the Champ in an underground fight den but this time there's an ugly crowd…and wait for it... once she tackles the Champ, the crowd are fair game!

    There's 157 awesome action stills like these.... and it's £2.99 until Friday, when it'll go up to £3.99 but don't tell anyone ssshhhh

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    Thanks Scarru!

  • @kandyman:

    …..and here's the trailer for Friday's epic....PRETTY LITTLE KICKASS....

    Mr K'man
    If you remove the 'S' from the (HTTPS) part of the youtube link

    they will display properly and not show up as unknown provider

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    It was a lovely concept that we co-devised for a fan as a custom. He wanted the single narrative of Kix V champ and an audience….. but they were there for another reason too and this will all become apparent one day :)

  • Truly awesome video.
    A great concept. The undefeated Champ who takes on all-comers and then Kix turns up and takes him to the cleaners. Although Kix does take quite a beating for her. Must of had an off day. Usually wouldn't have broken sweat taking on the big fella. Great choreography in the fight keep it fresh and exciting.

    And of course Kix looks devastating, loved the outfit.

    With Panda on this one. I would like to of seen the 'crowd' taking more participation in the end fight.Seemed a waste to have them all there and not for them all to really had there clocks cleaned. Can only think that more filming was done on this day and in the future there will be Another Kix surprise.

    Fingers crossed.

  • Totally loved just about everything with this movie from the title, 'cause Kix is so pretty; Kix's outfit - loving the boots & gloves; the fight; and the interview at the end was a great bonus. I only have one quibble in that you had so many extra cast members I would have dearly loved to have seen Kix take on the 4-5 men at the end for longer than the brief fight.

    Great effort and a Klassic Kandy film from all the Kandy Krew.


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    This is an outstanding video! It retains everything that’s good about Kickass Kandy but adds something new and interesting!

    I’ve always been partial to even sided fights, or at least fight with parts that are even sided, so I couldn’t be happier about this video. Many congratulation to Kandyman for raising the bar, yet again. :cool:

  • damn you kix you always make my jaw drop

  • a very great's already a pleasure to see kix in action.she' s very very great in this movie.i think that kix is better in the movie
    with mens it's my opinion . i found that she's buy better the shot with mens that with other girl
    thank you kandyman and all your team for every week for your great job

  • I think what you're trying to say cyrbea is HOLY SHIT!

    That's what I said when I saw this one advertised.

    This looks an absolute classic. Kix, the gorgeous Kix, the perfect Kix against The Champ and then against multiple attackers. Really does it get better than that?

    Sod it, I'm leaving work early today. Boss can poke it.

  • I just look at it and what to say ?

    rather than making a long speech: the best KAK movie !

    and believe me I'm a fan of this site for a while and it's really the best movie I've seen here

    Kix is superb as always : a really sexy outfit and sexy attitude and the fight is once is not custom very balanced not just a beatdown and it gives a real dimension to the film
    as always the stunt work are perfect the scenario really good (specially if you like fight club :) )…

    well i say i don t make a long speech not because i don t want just because my english is so bad :)

    so if you are a regular kak customer or new here you can order this movie eyes closed

    i forgot sorry : thank Kandyman for this movie really great job

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    …..and here's the trailer for Friday's epic....PRETTY LITTLE KICKASS....

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    Thanks buddy

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    I just saw the photoset. Congratulations! I has all the hallmarks of a classic. :cool:

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