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    Words pale into insignificance….. so here's the trailer


    ** and thanks Scarru for the tip!

  • My view on tattoos is not dissimilar to my view on marshmallows.
    Leave that ambiguous.

  • Kix's muscled arms are so sweet. :)

  • Love the behind the scenes uploads. More please!

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    and here's a little behind the scenes clip to show you how the magic is made :)

  • I think Divas tattoo should read…im a queen with it! niiicceee.

  • I was actually offering my services as a top rate printer rather than a tattoo artist.

    But in answer to your question it would have to be something along the lines of :

    'Inspired by dfingo
    Fuelled by passion'

    Or maybe not :rolleyes:

    And anyway I don't think the tattoos needle would make a dent into Vixen. Have you seen her lately? Built like a brick outhouse.

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    What tattoo would you give Vixen then?

  • Another fantastic custom Mr Dizzle.

    So you gave Kix a rather splendid tattoo and she gave you a series of custom films is that correct?

    Kman, you don't know if Vixen needs some printing done do you?

  • you spoil us kandyman
    p.s i dont know if kix looks better in a catsuit, leather skirt or hot pants

  • Scarru:

    The tattoo reads "Inspired by love fueled by knowledge" I was the tattoo artist :)

    Hope you all liked my latest custom !


  • @kandyman:

    ** and thanks Scarru for the tip!

    No worries Mr K'man

    i've a few more handy tips up my sleeve like this one I recently discovered myself.

    Its the cure for falling asleep at the wheel of a car.
    instead of drinking coffee, ….........try sticking your finger in the cigarette lighter.
    trust me,….It keeps you awake for f##king hours.......…......days sometimes.

    Two Questions regarding the vid.....and

    (A) who is Kix referring to in the picture below ?...........actually, forget that, I don't really want to know the answer.


    (B) does anyone know what on earth she has tattooed on her arm ?

    I noticed it on the home page and just curious to what it reads,

    i'm buggered if i can make it out,

    other than the last word ….............which looks like 'Bondage'?

    So If anyone here does know please send their answers to

    W.T.F has Kix got tatooed on her bloody arm Competition.
    KAK Towers.

  • Hey Kandyman, how about doing movie with some blood? I'd love to see this, and I'm not only one with this, though.

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    Nice one Ghost…. she's in awesome form again!!

  • Oki dokie…
    Still puchasing this... The outfit is awesome!!

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    :) We pride ourselves on our continuity Jade-0 or total and complete lack of it :)

    The Kandy Crisis is a completely separate entity dear Ghost i'm afraid.

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    It's been my observation that the Kandyworld's relationship with continuity is somewhat… err...

    Ad hoc?

  • I would like to ask if this video will have continuity with Kandy Crisis?

    Just asking…

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