MISS SKARLET - World's Hottest Supply Teacher!

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    She's simply incredible….check Miss Skarlet out in today's Kickass Blockbuster! KICKASS DYNAMITE

  • I have to say that she is the most adorable Kickass machine.

  • It was "worth the price of admission" just see Skarlet's splits and groin punch…...unbelievable!

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    She is something special Skarlet isn't she! her movement is amazing and she can kick and punch with incredible power for real - one of the best fighters we've ever worked with.

  • Wish my supply teachers had looked like that when i was at school. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

  • Skarlet is an utter babe and more flexible than a rubber MasterCard.
    Not a joke for the younger Board Members…

    She utterly rocks the tight top, hot pants and holster look!!!

    D (somewhat smitten) G

  • kandy man you are on a fucking roll :D or is it that the girls are just amazing? both i say! :D

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