Kick Ass Femmes and hating seeing Vixen get beaten

  • Kandy Man,

    I have loved, respected, supported and paid my fair share on this site and quite frankly I love it.

    However, please stop sending me adverts on Kick Ass Femmes and girl on girl action. I understand why you have needed to go into this genre but I HATE that it is a part of this site.

    Vixen, should always be an Ass Kicking girl and the thought that she is spoiling everything by being beaten up on Kick Ass Femmes is disappointing.

    I will always buy the clips that appeal to me but, this is an unfortunate turn of events. Vixen's Latex belongs on Kick Ass Kandy, kicking the shit out of defenseless men.

  • That's good to hear, like I've said on the bak/kak kills thread vixen is one of my favorite kandy girls so I hope we get to
    see a killer side to her when she returns to f/m.

  • Blimey & I thought I was 'anti' FvF over FvM on this site!!!
    You'll be pleased to hear that I commissioned x2 films featuring the said Vixen a few months back.
    No idea when they will be hitting your screens but rest assured they will utterly rock your world.
    They are NOT FvF.
    No, they're not FvF at all.

  • administrators

    And Kamach, you've been one of our biggest supporters since the dawn of kandy but there is a whole world out there who loves their FF stuff and to deny them their share of Vixen would be criminal!

    Don't worry though, she gets beaten now but there's many a twist and turn ahead for her on KAF. In the meantime, we've got some brand new Vixen FM movies coming up on KAK and she'll always be a Vixen, man beater extraordinaire.

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