2 New Kandygirls! JJ and Amber star in Assassin Kandy out now!

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    2 brand new Kandygirls revealed!! Introducing the gymnastic, athletic, brutal and drop dead gorgeous JJ and Amber in their debut film ASSASSIN KANDY…. out Friday 13th and here's the trailer

  • Fully agree with my ‘colleagues’ here.
    Always a treat to see these rehearsal scenes and get a better general window in on the KAK world.

  • Ditto

  • Mmmmmm - nnnnice …..... loved that - thank you for sharing, K'man

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    JJ Behind the Scenes clip from Assassins!

    You're loving the new girls so here's a little more to love….

  • Of course i speak only for the kandygirls

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    That would be a fun idea :) but we can't out of fairness for the girls that didn't make it :(@tapoutos7:

    I think it would be great to share with us videos from the casting

  • I think it would be great to share with us videos from the casting

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    Thanks Mark! the custom programme really has injected a lot of new ideas and creative partners! it's really good fun collaborating with friends of the site :)

    We also love discovering new talent, we do so many castings throughout the year and for every 100 applicants we may discover someone with the looks and attitude and capable of the physical challenges of being a Kandygirl - these 2 have it.

  • The amazing thing to me is after all these years KAK/KAF films keep getting better and better while other producers who haven't been around nearly as long are getting worse and worse. This episode just felt fresh. Kandy Crisis is fresh. I imagine the custom program plays a part in this phenomenon but the majority of the credit has to go to Kandyman and his team.

  • Who plays JJ and who plays Amber?

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    High praise indeed Blondy!

  • this is one of THE best KAK, BAK, KAF videos on the site.

  • Thanks Kandyman i am really happy about it , and i am looking forward to see these hot girls in action !!!!

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    Hi Tapoutos, we take your preference on board. Thanks.

  • The film is great i' ve purcheashed today , the new girls are extremly hot….. But i have a question that i really want kandyman to answer it . Why there are no victory poses scenes in the video ( like this : http://kickasskandy.com/wordpress/gallery/assassin/img_7203-version-2.jpg ) ? I found that way of men humilation very interesting and i am concerned that there are no many scenes like that in the last clips ..... I think that many guys here like those scenes , and i would definately love to see these beatufull girls steps on their defeated opponents and humiliate them by trashtalk ( ex. do you like beiig under my feet ) ..... Please Kandyman answer to my question .....

  • K'man
    Quite so, although it's not spelt Toshack….

  • Great debut film for the new K girls

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    Glad you like them Bionic and DG! :) I'd have had me down as more of a Toshack though DG.

  • By miles the best FvM release on the one and only KAK for ages, notwithstanding my customs…..obviously.
    Plus two very alluring new firecrackers.
    K'man, you are like Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Florence Nightingale & Steve Heighway all rolled into one.

  • Wow Kandyman! These two editions are incredibly gorgeous and do amazing things in high-heel boots! I love them both!!!

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    Welcome aboard Nate G - I'm glad you like Amber. It's a high bar to become a Kandygirl, thousands ask and few make it :) She has incredible athleticism as does JJ - 2 real stars for the future there.

  • Interesting your adding assassin type kandies to the universe can Hit Woman join in the mix too?

  • I'm a long time fan and haven't been very vocal in the past but i couldn't remain silent after this one….. AMBER WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!

    I am 100% madly in love with this girl, she is so lovely, pretty and cool AND she has the kind of kick that could take a mans head off of his shoulders!


  • Does this clip contain the victory poses from the preview photos ?

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    Not half DG. You're gonna love these 2 :)

  • This does not look crap at all.
    In fact very uncrap I'd say.

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