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    Brand new POSED photoset with Kix and some unfeasibly short red leather shorts. Kix wants to put her new shorts and leather jacket to good use and has the choice of going for coffee or beating up her neighbour… I wonder which one she goes for? 63 Hi Res posed shots.

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    At last a proper belly shirt!!

    Took the words right out of my mouth you did. :cool:

    Always lovely to see Kix's lovely ab region. ;) Makes me miss Red, tough. :(

  • At last a proper belly shirt!!
    I will imediately buy this although it does not seem to contain peril (ko for kix). Please use the same outfit in the kandycrisis or kandyfemmes series (they are way too catsuit dominated) :)

    you already know this but kix is beautifull!

    PS:the difference is that kat's bellyshirt in hypnofemmes 1 and this one is that the bellybottom is vissible while kix's in hypnofemmes 1 is just too high)

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    Well here's a little taster for you then!

  • Cant wait for the movie…................... I love red

  • Good God! What kind of metal is she made of?

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