BETTER CALL KICKASS!! Epic Kix Movie…out now!

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    ….and yes, she's in those skin tight leather red hot pants!!

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    Check this out! a nice big behind the scenes clip for your delectation….

  • Our Kix?…................She's not ugly!

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    Come to think of it Bert….. i hadn't but you're right!

  • Has anyone else noticed that Kix is incredibly hot?

  • Good one , Are there upcoming videos for Red or Diva ?

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    I agree. The Custom Film programme has kept us fresh and experimental, that's why we're going to open up the new Custom Movie season very soon….

  • As always Dizzle you nailed it. Loved the black and white opening scene. I thought the torture scene was inspired and took us to a new place in a Kandy film. I think the custom program has been phenomenal for this site. New ideas and new scenarios are constantly being introduced by fans but all of the films have that Kandy feel. Good times.

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    I loved it too Dizzle, the action is totally epic! and those shorts are pretty epic too of course

  • Totally loved this film. The shorts & boots are amazing (made even more so because Kix is in them).

  • Thanks for an amazing custom Kman! Very surprised at the lack of response from this film and would still love to hear from you guys thoughts on the amazing masterpiece.


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