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    As you know, we have a very popular custom movie programme where you get to create your very own dream movie, just the way you like it. The season is open for a limited period only and such is the popularity that we have already filled the slots SO, we are extending the season and have more slots available.

    The process is simple, you fill out the form on the CUSTOM page and send, we'll discuss the details of your film with you, offer all our creative support and then give you a price. Custom movies start at £599 for FM or £699 for FF.

    This is your fantasy turned into reality - you get to choose everything from the girls, the wardrobe, the fight moves, the story and more!

  • Hi!!! i have received my custom Movie this Monday!! IT IS FANTASTIC, Superb WORK , Kandyman is a gorgeus and simpatiyc man! FOr me is the better film ever, He follow my indication and advice from the start till the finish and I have bothed him with many mail!! :D :D !! Great Great KMAN!!!
    at the next!!

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    THANK YOU GUYS! We honestly loved working with you guys too, the collaboration is half the fun. We are so passionate about the quality of our films and giving you the best possible experience - we totally respect that fact you are spending your hard earnt money so it's only fair you get maximum value. The girls also get a kick knowing you are voting with your $$$ to bring them back for special custom movies too :)

  • Hi everyone. Really should have done this years ago and it was dauntingmold's post that inspired me. I write for another site about KAK quite often and I just had a custom shot last Tueday. I just wanted to echo everything dauntingmold just wrote. The entire process I felt like I was a co-exec. Had numerous brainstorming sessions. I had two bts videos within hours of the shoot. I hope to have the photos any time now. And the turn around time I was promised is not at all long for the final cut of the film. Can't wait to see how it all turns out. The entire experience was a pleasure.

  • Well back in April I decided to take the plunge and order a kick ass custom.

    After just seeing the final film, I can honestly say what a joy it's been from start to finish. Not just receiving the final film, which is everything I asked for and more, but the friendliness, the regular updates, so I felt involved at all stages, the behind the scenes clips, sent only a few hours after filming, the behind the scenes photos, everything just better than I hoped.

    I have ordered customs from other people, and been very satisfied, but you Mr Kman, go one step beyond. For customer service you score 10/10, and the film is 11/10 :)

    Next Kandy Custom Season I will be waiting patiently in line :)

  • @Dizzle83 dude… I wish i had your $$$$.
    You are un belivable. I practically own all your customs. Keep on going my friend and live the dream for us who just can't

  • @marklewis

    Thanks for the kind words and glad you like our films! Wait till you see Kix in her unreleased "Ghost" custom we did. The outfit is sexy as hell!


  • @Dizzle83

    Own every one of them my friend. My preference is actually the female vs female fights but that doesn't mean I don't love the F/M ones. Fantastic work. You have tremendous imagination.

  • Been away so not really had a chance to interject or even read the comments of my mighty Custom Comrades!!

    I'll keep it brief, as I come across best in those…

    1. You wake up one day & think: "Do you know what, I have this story that I'd really like encapsulated in film. I wonder if there's anyone out there who can pull this together with an amazing cast involving quality sets, experienced stuntmen & jaw droppingly beautiful girls"?

    2. Lightbulb moment... K'man can do all of those things!!! Result.

    3. "Briiing briiiing" (that's a telephone by the way)....K'man, I have this 'dream', how's about it? Well, DG for a modest, yet semi-material, sum we can more or less do what you want? Really? Yes! I'm in.

    4. So then, I've drafted this script what do you think? Well DG it's like Tom Stoppard & Arthur Miller had a FvM love child... Why thank you K'man.

    5. What?! I get to choose the wardrobe well as the route of the movie, the cast, the content of the fight scenes & much of the relevant dialogue as well? Yup DG, all yours. Well blow me down with a windy feather K'man.

    6. Script tightened up (happy), seen action promos of the actress (happier), filming date given (heart attack in terms of anticipation!!).

    7. Day arrives, can't control await news from K'man as to how it went. He reports...

    8. Small time lapse & get an email with the odd picture & some unedited scenes. It's like someone paid you to have it made!!!

    9. Week passes & you get email with your dream film.... You need health care before downloading as heart beats in your chest like a drum!

    10. You watch your 'acorn' as a mighty film oak & realise that despite his tragic football leanings K'man knows his onions.

    11. You create another film, then another & so on. As addictions go there are plenty worse (watching Eastenders for example).

    12. Currently penning DG Mk4 at the mo. You've seen No.1 (Diva in seccy mode) & No.2 (Skarlet & Vixen in hotpants & evening wear). You have No.3 to come yet you lucky buggers!!

    13. Always a good number to finish on. My only regret is I never got an AJ custom, other than that I'm going to keep going until I'm blue in the face. It's 100% worth every penny.

    If you only ever do two things in life may I suggest the following:

    • never see LVG for anything other than the snake oil salesman he is.

    • order at least 17 KAK customs.


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    We are not worthy! Dizzle and Panda are amazing people to work with too and it's so much more fun collaborating with them on the ideas than just me sitting in the Pub / KAK Laboratory with a gallon of cider wondering how we can clone Kix, AJ and Vixen into one living creature.

    All you guys are the lifeblood of this site, each and every one of you and we know its not cheap so we make it sure as hell that you're gonna love the end product… and come back for more ;)

    If it makes you feel any better, whatever you pay for your custom, we will match 100%, so if you're paying £599 we'll give you £1200 worth of movie - the value is there for all to see. The reason we can match your budget is that they all go on sale a few months later.

    Thanks for the kind words Dizzle and Panda :)

  • I must concur with Dizzle. I am now in the process of sponsoring my fourth custom movie with Kick Ass Kandy. I too was worried about paying for an end product that may not meet my expectations. I needn't have worried. Kandyman worked closely with me to explain the process and outline what can, and can not be done. There is constant updating of the shooting schedule and consultation over the Kick Ass girl, their dress style and fight moves. I believe that the Kandyman is as upfront and honest as he can be about the end product…...all of which I have loved.

    Each movie has been preceded by a "behind the scenes" short video as well.

    I hope I've got more than a few more customs left to sponsor in the near future.

    A big thanks to K'man and all the Kandy Krew


  • Hey Mark,
    Since you promised to purchase every one of them and order as many customs here is the list of my films with KandyMan :)

    Kickass Unchained - Kix (first KAK custom)
    Deliver Us From Kickass - Kix
    Kickassity - Kix
    Night of the Kickass - Kix
    Warkandy - Emmanuelle
    World War Kickass - Kix
    Kickass Retaliation - Kix & Skatlett
    Kickass Swat - Diva
    Better Call Kickass - Kix
    Kix & Silver custom not yet released
    Ghost Kickass - Kix also not yet released (hot as hell :)
    Kix Custom not yet filmed

    Enjoy and let me know if you guys have questions on making a film!


  • Dizzle,

    Would you be kind enough to list the customs that you commissioned that have been released? Just curious.

  • Hey Kandy Nation,
    Just wanted to add a little input & props to Sir Kandyman himself regarding this post. I am not sure how many of you have participated in the Custom Movie Program here but shame on you if you haven't had the opportunity! I can remember the first custom Kandyman did for me about 4-5 years ago I was scared out of my mind. Not scared of working with him but more worried I was going to pay a life savings for a film and have it turn out not to my liking. We have now done over 10 customs since and I have never been dissapointed in my purchases. Kandyman and his team makes this process so easy and quite honestly fun and addicting. It is almost as fun to collaborate ideas and make the film than actually watching the movie, only because the process is over lol… All I honestly do is pick the girl and the type of fight moves and his teams takes over from there.
    I am given a chance to review details on the film and change anything I desire which I love.
    The costs are not unreasonable given the amount of detail and quality involved and Kandyman is a gentleman to do business with. This is truly the best custom experience I have been a part of and I encourage you all to reach out to Kandyman to make your dream movie come to life!


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