Say no to femme fighting

  • Kandyman

    I have been an ardent supporter of yours, you know this already! But, please stop putting girl against girl stuff in the usual KAK genre. I don't want or care for it.

    I love this website, mainly because of the nature of the content. I understand if you need to expand it and bring on the girl on girl but there a lot of us that want to see more ballbusting (including myself) and that has never happened.

    I don't care about girl on girl action… Please stop offending my eyes when i am buying clips and having to put up with it on KAK. Keep it to KAF.

  • administrators

    Think nothing of it my friend, we know you well enough that you meant no harm! we've all had days like that:)

  • administrators

    We know you well enough that you meant no harm!

  • Apologies for the tone of my comments in my initial post Kandyman.

    I was having a very bad day and totally p****d at the world that day and didn't read the explanation of the clip properly.

    I'm still not keen on the fact that there is girl on girl action in KAK but that was no excuse for the way I made my complaint.

  • administrators

    We love you dearly Kamach but both the film description and trailer mentioned the content would have some FF fighting in there. We don't usually mix the two but this was a custom script and at almost 15 minutes long we made sure you were treated to the usual length of a KAK FM action film and if you like, a bonus of some FF action for those that like it (and a fast forward button for those that don't ;)

  • administrators

    What? Do you need an FF trigger warning in the video description?

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