AJ's new gig.

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    Look what I just came across. It seems that AJ has been moonlighting as a CIA agent. Explains why she's been spending so much time this side of the Atlantic. ;)


    Sasha Jackson shoots the lead role of Olivia Winston in the upcoming action thriller Jarhead: The Siege.
    Marine Albright is sent to a middle eastern security posting guarding the US embassy. US Ambassador Cahill is forging ties with local people and promoting democracy and peace. When the embassy comes under fire, Sargent Gunny Raines and his team of marines must protect civilian embassy workers and secrets. This includes under cover CIA Agent Olivia Winston and Jamal, a local who is helping the US take down terrorist group. His brother Fareed is the head of this terrorist organization and is behind the siege on the embassy.

    Sasha stars alongside Scott Adkins, Charlie Weber, Dante Basco & Romeo Miller.

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