Ghost Kickass - OUT NOW!

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    Here's the film Dizzle has been raving about…. just wait till you see Kix in this one! OUT FRIDAY!

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    and here's a little behind the scenes clip for ya'll

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    What a jolly good idea Dizzle!

  • I will promise a "Part 2" assuming Mr. K thinks he can up the the ante even more on the next one ;)

    Thanks for the love everyone and glad you liked our film. Special thanks to Kandyman and his crew for making these dreams reality!


  • this film really was on another level! instantly catapulted into my favourite kak movie yet, by some margin.

    And kix, ye gods! she does play evil/brutal well. Personally I probably would have picked someone else for this role, but now watching it I dont think anyone else would have pull this off as convincingly. she really does look like she means it throughout the whole movie. incredible.

    Dizzle my man, i salute you.


    p.s. spolier alert let me know what happens when she works out how to use the skull! i'm hoping there will be a part 2 - something along the lines of resurrection and all these guys get back up and she has to do it all over again! wouldn't that be a shame! ;)

  • Now this was gooooood Kandy. I must "tip my hat" to Dizzle, Kandyman, the always gorgeous Kix and the Kandy Krew.

    Ghost is an instant Kandy Klassic and arguably Kix's sexiest look. I also loved the driven, merciless attitude in her persona in this film as well…....ruthless in every scene.

    Great effort everyone


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    Aaah worry ye not Director Dizzle, the fans have done their talking with their $ and this film has been a massive hit! the 24 hour box office results are suggesting this could be a BLOCKBUSTER!

  • Weak response to my custom! Guess I will have to stop making them since they are no longer loved … :(


  • Really love how this board has come alive in the last year. And I think it's mostly due to "something for everyone" approach of the films KAK is releasing. Great M/F. Great F/F. Kandy Crisis was sooooo good. There just isn't a producer delivering better material at a great price than Kandyman right now.

  • Well I'll be the first to say it, Dizzle strikes again !!! What a great film, thank you Kix, Dizzle, Kandyman and anyone else who had a hand in this classic. Whoever found that outfit, give them a bonus.

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    Hats off to Mr Dizzle on this one…. we scoured the web for the ultimate outfit and I think we may have found it!

  • Oh my god - Friday will be amazing. Kix in her hottest outfit so far. Absolutely stunning.

  • Kandy Nation,

    I deserve the bonus for this one not Kandyman lol. You are all going to love this film and if you don't I will personally send Kix to change your mind.

    Pretty sure Friday we will hear "Dizzle strikes again!!!!" oh and lets not forget Kandyman who had a small, actually very small part to do with this successful custom. Only kidding, his team takes my ideas and turns them into a masterpiece every time!!!

    Roll on Friday!!!! Unless Kandyman wants to release this one early on behalf of yours truly :)


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    Your costume department deserves a bonus for this one! :D That top… :cool:

  • I know I 'm repetitive but every video in the 2015 has been AMAZING and this one looks to raise the bar AGAIN. Kix as a leather assassin? BRILLIANT!

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