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    Cindy debut's tomorrow in Cyberkandy…. here's the trailer:

  • The book….can I borrow it one day? Got a few fires to light….

    Hope Cindy’s here for the duration! My custom beacon is going nuts!

    KidCaper01 – no there aren’t.


  • Any kills in this one?

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    I knew you'd like that book Dizzy :) Cindy is one hell of a girl, she's drop dead gorgeous, has a kick like a … kicky thing in a kick shop and is really nice too.

  • K’man

    Where have you been hiding this divine creature?!!

    Not only are her action skills up there with the best, how she did that ‘switch-jump-kick’ (don’t know the terminology) in those shoes is very impressive, but her facial expressions throughout are on the money. Few confident smiles/eyebrow raises and the odd patronising kiss………genius. The fact she’s a 9/10 probably helps!

    I loved the section where you got Cindy taking out the guy whilst Vixen’s shapely legs and shoes (can shoes be shapely?) were in the foreground – the work of a true FvM master.

    Vixen always awesome, probably doesn’t really need saying, although I will because I like her and credit where it’s due.

    We need more Cindy….maybe in a custom……hmm……..fade to DG chin scratching whilst gazing off into the middle distance.

    Great film.
    I’d give it 8.5/10 (& that’s a big mark for me)

    Would’ve been more but for old rubber nose’s autobiography, what’s it called? “My life of being a very average Rangers player then largely just shouting at people & being vile whilst having more money to spend than any other club during my reign at Old Trafford” cost a few marks.


  • Any kills in this one or a spoiler caption?

  • Cindy certainly kicks some ass, for which I'm very grateful. Another great recruit to the kandyverse.

  • @kandyman:

    I'd say she's more of a dish out some brutal beatdowns kinda girl Pulp.

    Thank goodness for that! Let's be having none of that peril nonsense here! ;) I hope you didn't break the bank hiring this one Kandyman. If you can, snap her up long term, before Sony or Warner Bros swoop in.

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    I'd say she's more of a dish out some brutal beatdowns kinda girl Pulp.

  • does this release contain peril/challenge for the lovely new kandygirl?

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