RAZOR SHARP: RENEGADE (feat. Amy Johnston)

  • And she's on a roll people!!! :cool: This one will be even more to the liking of the Kandy Krowd. ;)

    This is a teaser, but even the plot of the whole thing will tick a lot of boxes in people's checklists: RAZOR SHARPE: Renegade

    Impenetrable fortresses, SWAT-trained security forces, the occasional piece of malfunctioning gear; it's all in a night's work for quirky corporate thief, Veronica Sharpe.

    But when she breaks into the most high-tech weapons manufacturing facility in the world, her business turns anything but usual when the technology she's there to steal is revealed to be a brilliant little girl with a devastating secret.

    Set in a stylish near-future, and loaded with action and laughs, RAZOR SHARP is one thrill-ride that would be criminal to miss.

  • WOW…...just WOW!

  • @kandyman:

    Nice find Jade-O

    Amy is the gift that keeps on giving. :cool:

  • Wow! Just…Wow!

  • administrators

    Nice find Jade-O

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