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    Stand-by Kandyland….Friday 15th May sees the release of the greatest photoset of all time....VIXEN - THE PUNISHER. Words do not do this justice so here's pictures. It should be £4.99 but it's on offer at £3.99 for this week only!! and before you ask THIS IS A PHOTOSET ONLY. NOT A FILM.

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    Looks like everyone is loving this photoset! If you haven't bought it yet then shame on you! the price discount ends Friday!

  • Damn how could I forget about the boots, my imagination is running wild.

  • She has to be wearing boots with that outfit, I hope.

  • OMG!!!! that outfit is amazing, that hat is crazysexycool. It's criminal for this not to be a film. K-man those sirens you hear are the Fuzz closing in on you.

  • As a fan who love the hot stuntman on the site, I'm really hoping these bad guys in videos or photos can remove their mask.
    So we can see their handsome face get punch :p
    I will definitely buy it if the video/ photoset with hot stuntman.

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