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    Hey Kandyland

    For those of you wondering where Agent AJ has been all these past months, she called in earlier from her underground cave in LA to tell you all to watch her on TV or she'll batter you. She has indeed been masquerading as a character in US drama One Tree Hill trying, of course, to take over Hollywood so that Kandyman can have his own chat show. She'll be on E4 at 9pm tonight (E4+1 at 10pm).



  • Another post from TheMomma - I can't get over how cool she is!!! Not sure why she uses a picture of AJ and another 20-something (AJ's younger sister or friend???) Anyway now we have two beautiful women…

    Why all the teases about AJ??? Aren't we tourtured enough (news might be on its way, police pics only on dvd, A Day in the Life not released...)??? Sigh -

    News of AJ....Worth checking KAK Forum daily...
    News of AJ with bikini pics...Worth checking Forum multiple times per day...
    News of AJ with fighting pics and videos...Priceless!!!

  • Another episode to watch out for is the penultimate episode in the current season Season 9, episode 12, "Anyone Who Had A Heart" - showing AJ's comic timing.

    News for AJ fans might be on its way soon….......... ;)

  • @DerSkunkmeister:

    second bikini pic is wow!! what is the liquid on her body?

    Its a smoothie - and was filmed on a very cold winter's morning in North Carolina!

  • second bikini pic is wow!! what is the liquid on her body?

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  • Aaahhh…the World is a better place with AJ around - take for example this Forum. It ROCKS when talking with, or about, our sweet AJ!!! Here's to hoping she will be a HUGE star someday (if she isn't already) and that she will always be a KandyGirl at heart.

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    I'm sure they'll repeat it loads!

  • Damnit, I missed it.

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