Kurtlat Vadisi: Pusu Ep. 263 (Turkish TV series) - Awesome F/F fight

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    This clip comes from the an episode of the Turkish TV series Kurtlat Vadisi: Pusu. It is a great fight but it presents a slight problem for me. The episode it is in was a find from a member in another board, who brought it to our attention, including the specific point in the episode where the fight takes place.

    Now, I don’t speak Turksih and I haven’t even perused through the rest of the episode, so I have no idea whatsoever about the context. In the scene a woman in a red shirt is beating the shit out of another woman in a black shirt who is tied up and hanging from the ceiling. The exchange some words and Red Shirt cuts Black Shirt's ropes and they fight. :cool:

    But here is the thing, I have no idea which one of them is supposed to be the good girl and which one the villain.

    Arguments for Black Shirt being the good girl include that fact that she's the hottest one (subjective criteria, I know ;)),the fact that she's being tortured for information and the fact that Red Shirt is very cold and ominous looking.

    Arguments for Red Shirt being a good girl include the fact that she only went for the knife when Black Shirt went for it first, the possibility that she ascribes to the Jack Bauer school of heroics, and the fact that she won the fight.

    Quite the conundrum. :D

    Kurtlat Vadisi: Pusu Ep. 263 F/F (129.84 MB)

    Here is a link for those of you who want to download the clip but can’t play MVK files: Kurtlat Vadisi: Pusu Ep. 263 F/F (39.17 MB)

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