BLAZE'S SOLO DEBUT! out Friday 23rd October!

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  • Well, credit where it's due K'man.

    For example….....Middlesbrough FC.

    Yup, it's the stunt guys who float my boat.

    Damn did you guess?!!!


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    That's praise indeed Mr Keano! although the stuntguys are kinda cute?

  • I'm in love…'s official (..& no, it's not with the stunt guys....although).

    Blaze pretty much has it all.

    9.3/10 (it only lost 0.7 because it didn't last 4 hrs)


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    Great to hear your responses Franck and Blondy - I can honestly say, Blaze is SENSATIONAL! she has all the hallmarks of a total Kickass legend…. her movement, style and power is up there with the best.

  • again with the amazing videos that come without warning!! Cannot wait to see it, looks like neck break galore which is never a bad thing :D Be it so or not this one looks like one of the instant classics (15th this year and I mean that in the best way possible) :D

  • hi

    another great movie blaze is very smart and beautiful with this clothes
    thanks kandyman good week

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