Vixen is back….KICK ASS: With a Vengeance! is here!!

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    Vixen is in devastating form…truly unbelievable action!!

    Vixen has to break up a very naughty deal between two devilishly devious terror organisations. She's catsuited and thighbooted up and ready for some serious action and its perfectly obvious that her fighting skills are way too much for all these naughty boys to handle. This is Vixen at her very best.

  • I can't ever see myself not buying a film that has Vixen in it and this film did certainly not discourage me. Although it has given me phobia of women in catsuits.

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    Well, we don't really advertise it as we have our work cut out delivering a new film every other week but i think we're at a stage that we could handle a couple. if you're interested drop us a line from the contact page.


  • Yeah, the idea of a custom film sounds very tantalizing… I'm curious of the details.

  • Vixen is a tour de force in this one. What a beauty! And the savage delight she takes in dishing out the punishment . . . spectacular! Having her take on two guys at once is, as always, a masterstroke.

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    ..mmm… indeed!

  • Custom film… Hmm...

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    Vixen is a force of nature isn't she! Pedro, if you fancy all those moves have you thought about commissioning a custom film from our soon to be launched custom film business?

  • Amazing fightscenes!!!! Great Actrice - Vixen…... a fight machine !!!
    Is it possible to let her fight in High Heels (Pumps) and in a miniskirt - J love her legs and her
    And please with a little bit of Judothrows.....and Karatechops...?
    Thanks for thinking about.

  • Great video, great girl, great catsuit outfit, great boots, great moves. What a girl is Vixen!, What a beat up!. Vixen is a fight machine. She's extremely skilled. She is the best. She looks just awesome in that outfit and those boots. I hope I could see her wearing this type of outfits in every video.

    The only issue I don't understand is why in every knee move, you must switch cameras and have a close up, instead of an open camera shot so that the knee move can be fully appreciated and watching at whole Vixen's body, legs and boots. There were several knee moves in this video, but in all of them, just before kneeing, the camera shot changed with a close up.

    I know I've been quite repetitive with this issue, but all the time that Vixen wears this type of outfits, we cannot fully enjoy the knee moves. All her moves were open, the kicks, but not the knees. The same happened at Hawaii Five videos where she wore those extremely sexy tight black pants. Some knee moves, but none of them were open shot.

    I don't know If I ever be able to watch Vixen wearing an outfit as she wore now, and having a knee move with an open camera shot and nobody blocking it so we can fully enjoy it, as it has happened in other videos with other type of oufits. I'll keep claiming for this.

    Kind Regards

  • I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vixen looks utterly beautiful and deadly too, this is gonna be great - but then i'm never disappointed.

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