NEW RELEASE! The Last Kandy Hunter Starring Kix

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    She's back in that leather dress…. kicking some major ass!

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    It's not half bad is it! Here's a behind the scenes clip from the very same movie for you :)

  • This video is awesome!!

  • That is some GREAT Kandy. I love Kix's attitude - utterly ruthless!

  • Oh…my.....gosh.

    CANNOT wait to get this one downloaded. The lovely Kix, that outfit, and some super- powered beat downs....does it get any better.

    Nay, it cannot, I contend.

    Stunning and delightful. Thanks for generating this content....keep it coming!

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    This film is incredible. I can promise that.

    Release will be at 1pm today.

    We're currently having server issues so if you bought the film before 1230pm then we'll be sending you a new link.

  • The last time Kix wore that dress I bought one of the best KAK videos of all time, I can only imagine what this one will be :D

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