Agent X - Sexy bad girl

  • This clip comes from the first episode of the new show Agent X. In the first scene, our hero John Case aka "Agent X" has rescued a woman named Olga Petrovka (Olga Fonda) from some bad guys, but she turns out to be a bad gal herself so they fight. In the second scene the FBI is questioning Olga but she procures a cigarette in a manner most awesome. In the third scene Olga busts out of federal custody all by herself. In the fourth scene John has to recapture Olga so they fight again.

    Agent X s01e01 F/M (71.91MB)

    Now I think we can all agree that Olga looks like she just walked out of a KAK video. Other than the fact that John manages to get the upper hand, of course: ;) :cool:

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    What's not to like!

  • I know right?

    And I think you're going to love this bit from the second episode. :cool:

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    Quite simply breathtaking! where has this girl been hiding all these years - she is the perfect kandygirl, i may have to get her in for a casting.

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