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    The forum set up is going to change soon and incorporate our Twitter feed. We will be uploading news, content and promotions on a regular basis so sign up to our Twitter account right now! you'll find us at @kickasskandy

    Here's a little reason why…..

  • I didn't think KAK/KAF could be better than it is now. I was apparently wrong.

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    This clip has made Tantalus of us all Kandyman.

    Besides the obvious, the letters obscure a straight look at what looks like new Kandygirl and some ridiculously awesome action.

    And is that a ring I spyed? Please tell us that it's not just the guys that will be on the receiving end inside that thing. Pretty please?!

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    And what a custom it is!!

  • Few snippets from a new custom of mine in all this lot!!!
    It's an honour indeed.

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