Question for KAK

  • hey
    i would like to buy a list of clips
    i would like to know in which clips can i find female neckbreaks to Males (with her bare hands)
    I would like to know a full complete list if anyone can give me.
    Ill be very thankful if you do. thanks!

  • Neck breaks are one of my favorite moves too. Here's a list of the films I can think of that feature at least one neckbreak (with hands):
    Kandy Heat
    Once Upon a Kandy
    Escape from Kickass
    Wild Kandy
    The Kandy Guard
    Kickass Unchained
    Alpha Kickass
    Big Kickass
    The Wolf of Kickass Street
    Kung Fu Kandy
    Kick Ass Swat
    300 Rise of Kickass
    Assassin Kandy
    Ghost Kickass

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